The world’s most deployed Mobility Status SDK


Make your app shine!
Add mobility status context


Multiple use cases in various domains
Including the world’s largest crowd sourced parking network

We offer app developers the most advanced and most deployed Mobility Status SDK that detects the user’s real-time mobility status and whereabouts with ultra-low battery consumption

How It Works

We collect and analyze in real-time raw signals from multiple smartphone sensors in order to determine and predict the user mobility status (driving, walking, parking, shopping, @home, @work, etc..)

Developers SDK

Our Mobility Status SDK enables app developers to add the mobility status context to their apps, combined with crowd sourced complementary services such as our parking network.


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Anagog’s advanced technology enables you to add unique features to your service or app. Integrate the worlds largest parking database, including comprehensive parking lot information, realtime parking information about availability for both onstreet and parking lot.