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We’ll guide you to a street parking space
3 minutes before it is vacated


Join the world’s largest
crowdsourced parking network

Anagog’s CrowdParkTM  Smart Platform uses the wisdom of the crowd to route drivers to on-street parking spots that are vacating soon

How It Works

Anagog patented smart parking technology is based on crowd-sourced data collected from mobile devices. Parking spots are identified via monitoring mobile devices’ sensors and the user’s mobility


Developers SDK

With Anagog SDK you can create applications that take full advantage of Anagog mobility service and parking data and provide value to your users.


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Case Studies

Anagog’s advanced technology enables you to add unique features to your service or app. Integrate the worlds largest parking database, including comprehensive parking lot information, realtime parking information about availability for both onstreet and parking lot.