How it works

Anagog’s powerful system architecture provides in-device mobility status detection, with cloud-based processing power, deep learning and an insightful analytics platform.

Our SDK uses multiple smartphone sensors to anonymously detect the mobility status and understand the activity context of users. By combining our technology and machine learning, our SDK can help you understand the precise activity level, context and location of your users.

Whether your app is actively in use or not, our SDK helps you to provide your users with timely information, servicesand alerts relevant to exactly what they are doing in real-time; giving you the power to substantially boost engagement within your app.

Modern smartphones have up to 15 different types of sensors. Our state machine combined with machine learning technology, allows us to collect the raw sensor data directly from the source. We then analyze and aggregate the sensor data on each handset in real-time, in order to determine user activity levels and location.

Our SDK has been optimized to work with all sensor types across a huge variety of the most widely used smartphone brands and models. We currently support over 25,000 popular handsets.

A key advantage of Anagog’s patented technology is that it focuses on activating only the relevant sensors at the right time, resulting in incredible power-efficiency. We can provide 24/7 sensor monitoring, using only about 1% of battery power – the most efficient technology in the industry!

Here’s a breakdown of how Anagog works…

Flexible SDK
Remote Control

The following powerful developer Tools are available:

Stop/Start service
The option to opt-in and opt-out from the SDK services at any time. This can be triggered by either developers or users.

SDK remote control
The option to start/stop/re-program remotely each one of the SDK parameters triggered by an individual user or by all users at a defined time or zone.

Battery consumption control
low power consumption of your app is a critical concern for all app developers, so we have perfected our SDK to use ultra-low power. We only use relevant sensors at the relevant time. We also monitor actual power consumption of each device daily to ensure we maintain the industry’s best power management performances for you!

Globally Crowdsourced

While most of the mobility status data is calculated on the phone itself, we also provide you with an option to benefit from intelligence gathered from our worldwide crowd-sourced network of users.

The Anagog SDK has been integrated into thousands of apps globally, enabling us to anonymously crowd-source mobility status signals. This data intelligence enables us to provide powerful services, like the world’s most extensive parking availability network.

This data service allows you to connect to our back-end server API in order to pull real-time information about on-street parking space availability, automatically collected in real time from our global community of users.

Additional back-end service layers include access to 3D mapping, routing, POI and geo-zoning features, and more…

For a full list of the SDK and cloud services please visit the FEATURES section.

Anagog’s Global Distribution Map

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